About Us

Welcome to Valer Dental and Braces. Our vision is to impact the lives of our partners, our guests, and our communities that we serve, for the better.

How a Smile Can Change a Life

It has been said, “We shall never know all the good a smile can do”. But what if we can’t smile? What if we’re afraid to smile?

In 1996 a single mother with little money and little means was struggling to raise five boys on her own. Her eldest son had a crooked smile with self-esteem to match. Shy, embarrassed, and afraid to smile, he was a late bloomer embarking on a journey into high school. To help support her growing family, that same single mother found a third job and in doing so, changed her eldest son’s life forever.

Scraping together all of the savings she could, she brought her son to the dentist. After a few visits, he was fitted with braces and from the very moment her son left the dentist’s chair, his life took an in immediate turn for the better. He became more confident in who he was, his grades improved, he built long lasting relationships, and he was now able to smile.

She didn’t know it at the time, but that single act of motherly love was the driving force behind what makes Valer Dental and Braces possible and it is our mission to recreate that same life changing experience for someone every day.

Her core values of Integrity, Transparency, Trust, Honesty, Love, Dignity, Service, Passion, and a Commitment to Human Beings have now become ours. We do not take this commitment lightly, and we are far from perfect, but we will always use these same core values to guide every decision we make, every relationship we build, and every community we serve.

We are not a dental company, but rather a people company. That same commitment and love a mother has for her son is the same commitment and love we have for each and every one of our partners, guests, and communities that we are so grateful to serve.

Each of us has a story of hardship, growth, and overcoming odds. And, while the names, places, and languages may be different, we will never forget where we came from. We will never forget all that we have learned, and we will never let anything get in the way from doing what that one single mother back in 1996 taught us.

Thanks for showing us the way, mom.